THE GAME SHOP is a bass music band in Japan actively going on international wide tour in the heart of Asia. Fundamentally wrapped with style of drum and bass music with the addition of glitch hop and house music, they are dubbed the club scene and rock scene.

In 2014 and 2015, THE GAME SHOP toured around Asia countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore etc. They even shared the stage with Limp Bizkit and THE USED at the Heart Town Festival in Taiwan. Moreover, they performed in numerous music festivals like “a-nation” , “舞音楽祭”, “名古屋Freedom” etc. in Japan. They even got a sold-out record with more than 300 people coming over to their own event.

As the music scene keeps developing and is always being unpredictable, THE GAME SHOP is interested in making new movement in the club scene and rock scene.They launched two mini albums that can be purchased Japan-wide and from some world wide software-based online digital media store such as iTunes and Beatport.

Keep broadening their musical horizon, the vocalist KIMITO and the synthesizer and manipulator McD of the band are now open for club acts in style of DJ set, track-making and even music producers for other musicians.

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    petit parti vol.7 yulinu大生誕祭
  • DATE
    北堀江club vijon ※DJset出演
  • TIME
    開場 / 23:30 開演 / 23:30
    前売¥2,000 / 当日¥2,500